The writer and graphic novelist Christophe Dabitch was in residence in Beirut in April and May 2017

Christophe Dabitch was born in 1968 and lives in Bordeaux, France. After studying modern literature (Bordeaux III / Paris IV), politics (Paris II) and journalism (IJBA Bordeaux), he worked as a newspaper and TV freelance journalist (daily press, cultural magazines, literary critic for Matricule des anges) for fifteen years. This experience has given him a liking for documentary and history, both recognizable in his books. He writes various types of fictions as well as comics. He has been contributing to exhibitions, in relation to his writings, gives writing workshops in different contexts. His writing projects can be individual as well as collective.

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  • LES AUTRES – BALADE ARAMEENNE, with Christophe Goussard, Filigranes, 2009.
  • VOYAGES AUX PAYS DES SERBES, with David Prudhomme, Autrement, 2003.
  • ETRE LA, Futuropolis, 2014.
  • LA COLONNE, with Nicolas Dumontheuil, Futuropolis, 2013-2014.
  • IMMIGRANTS, Futuropolis, 2010.
  • JERONIMUS, with Jean-Denis Pendanx, Futuropolis, 2008-2011.
  • ABDALLAHI, with Jean-Denis Pendanx, Futuropolis, 2006-2007.