The International Writers’ House in Beirut is supported by an international literary committee made up of renowned writers, literary journalists, managers of writers’ houses and academics specialized in contemporary literature.

The committee is made up of:

  1. Patrick Deville (Writer and Director of the Foreign Writers and Translators House in Saint-Nazaire, or Maison des Ecrivains Etrangers et des Traducteurs de Saint Nazaire, France)
  2. Dominique Viart (Professor at the Lille-Charles de Gaulle University and member of the French Academic Institute, or Institut Universitaire de France, France)
  3. Sylvie Gouttebaron (Director of the Paris Writers and Literature House, or Maison des Ecrivains et de la Littérature de Paris, France)
  4. Yinde Zhang (Professor at INALCO) (under reserve, awaiting acceptance)
  5. José Carlos Llop (Writer, Spain)
  6. Juan Carlos Mondragon, (Writer, member of the Academy of Literature in Uruguay, Uruguay)
  7. Elias Khoury (Writer, Lebanon)
  8. Joumana Haddad (Writer, in charge of the book section of the newspaper An-Nahar, Lebanon)
  9. Iskandar Habache (Writer, Lebanon)
  10. Timour Muhidine (Publisher, France-Turkey)
  11. Ken Seigneurie (Professor and Director, World Literature Program, Simon Fraser University, Canada)
  12. Andrea Brady (Writer and Professor at Queen Mary University, United Kingdom)